1/30  Sec        f/1.2          ISO 1000          50mm Prime Lens

As it says on the tin and I just love doing photography that way

Photography Takes You Places

The Star Board Walk

The Star Board Walk

On a Winters Night

Great fun doing this shoot using a head torch to light the bridge and silhouette the girl in the shot. Quite a low ISO for a night shoot with aperture wide open on a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens

Photography Takes You Places



British Style

1/8000 Sec          f/1.2           ISO 400          50mm          Prime Lens

Photography Takes You Places

Below Zero

Below Zero

How much fun can two people have

The windchill when getting this shot was below zero. So, I’m glad those rusty excuse for stairs held out. Otherwise, it would’ve been a very cold swim to the shore. I just love doing this stuff.

Photography Takes you Places