William’s Window

William's Window

Looking to the Stars for one thousand years from Corfe Castle on the Isle of Purbeck What a View!

Built in the 11th Century by the Viking descendant William the Conquerer, the now ruins of this once mighty castle sit atop a very large and exceptionally steep hill in the beautiful English south coast County of Dorset. The image was made at the end of May 2014 under a stunningly clear sky. Luging all my camera kit necessary to create the image was certainly a mission after midnight.

Balancing precariously over blackness that had the potential to swallow me and my kit whole, I used a Canon 5D mark three with a Canon16-35, f2.8 L series lens. Exposure was dialled in at f2.8 for 4 seconds with ISO at 4000. The classic rules of landscape photography couldn’t be achieved here with limited room for movement but I’m happy with the end result and of course I experienced an amazing night under a mind melting star field. I’m happy  to try to field any questions that you might have about this image or night photography in general.


7 thoughts on “William’s Window

  1. Thank you for your wonderful comment seaangel4444 :)! The skies in this part of the word are very changeable and I was extremely lucky to have such a clear night sky. By first light the sky had clouded over and rain was falling. Corfe Castle is a magical place steeped in history surrounded by small old farms and dry stone walls. Whilst I was taking this shot a ghostly mist rolled in from the sea covering low lying fields, farms and outbuildings. My focus that night was the castle against the stars but I’ll head back there to try to get the mist covering the English countryside. Have a fabulous week. Cheers, k


    • Hello Cynthia, a spectacular place and spooky to boot! I think the f2.8L Canon lens made this shot possible. I was limited for choice of composition and it does break some of the “classic” rules of photography but im happy with the end result, and it’s super to hear you are too 🙂 have a great week. Cheers, K


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